Our culture

A positive atmosphere results in new and creative solutions, which is why we invest heavily in our working environment and our experts. We are a diverse group of experts: interior architects, architects, engineers, environmental designers, technical drawers, modelling and visualisation gurus and interior designers. We have experience and enthusiasm

You will find working with us a pleasure!


Our architecture is based on cooperation; the densification of urban structure demands this of all operators. We have an open-minded approach to new things and offer fresh perspectives to different challenges. Our extensive experience supports the different stages of projects and helps us manage changes together.

Interior design

Interior design is an essential part of our expertise. It allows us to pay attention to individual users of spaces, pinpoint the necessary initial data and ensure implementation.

Concept design

Successful concept design is essential to any project. Our experience helps us focus on the essential in design and create a functional end result together. We have the tools to perceive the big picture and create a variety of reliable numerical reviews.

Building information modelling

We are among the pioneers of building information modelling in Finland. We have invested in this field since the beginning of the millennium, which is evident in our working path. For us, building information modelling is more than a catchphrase, as we also carry out the coordination of building information modelling for projects. Building information modelling is the key to change management in versatile projects.

Virtual environments

Virtual models are just one section of our building information modelling expertise. You can experience the project as early as in the design stage without separate VR experiments. We are pioneers in this design work and we would love to tell you more about it. We can also provide facilities for presenting your project at our office. Visit us and find out more!