Nature in my Backyard, competition entry

The attached small houses on Lauttasaarenmäki form a rhythmic series of cubes that are viewed from the north as closed volumes made of brick and as spacious open units from the park.

The buildings are divided into residential and well-being areas with distinctive architectural elements. The spaces are connected with a spacious staircase. The first floor is reserved for leisure: the lobby, kitchen, dining room and the living room form an open complex, continuing as a terrace on the outside. The flexible layout allows adjusting the bedrooms on the second floor according to the residents’ current life status.

In addition to the bedrooms, the second floor contains a well-being centre, which includes a bathroom, a sauna, a household maintenance room and a toilet. Technical facilities, storage rooms and parking spaces are located underneath the well-being centre. The wood-cladded well-being die is an independent element, which is a re-interpretation of the traditional outdoor sauna. The cooling terrace of the well-being centre is withdrawn from the neighbours’ eye. The roof of the well-being die can be used as a summer terrace with plenty of space for sunbathing or a small garden.

Helsinki 2017-2018
Principle and Architecture Design, Interior Architecture

Condominium Lauttasaarenmäki 5, invitational competition

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