Maxim Cinema

There has been an active cinema on Kluuvikatu in the centre of Helsinki since 1909. The aim of the project was to revitalise the current building, completed in 1974.

The main principles of the project were to retain the building’s cultural heritage as a cinema and its remarkably intact interior from the 1970s. Original parts of the building were preserved whenever it was possible to do so without creating a conflict with the current function of the building. The interior concept was designed according to Finnkino Oy’s wishes and requirements with respect to the building’s special qualities and identity.

The smaller one of the cinema’s two screening rooms is a copy of the previous screening room of the cinema protected by the local detailed plan. This room was restored to its full grandeur. The larger room upstairs, Maxim 1, was renovated in the spirit of the 1970s.

Observing Maxim’s new service concept, the theatre was equipped with two bars. Customers can purchase a glass of wine or an assortment of tapas to enjoy with the film. The appearance of the foyers was redecorated and the toilets were renovated. The entrance hall was equipped with an accessible toilet, which the building did not previously have at all, and a room for the staff. Some changes to the building services engineering system were also made.

Virtual Reality modelling was used in the project by both designers and in marketing. The project also included cooperation with the Pelastetaan Maxim (Save Maxim) group and the team behind the design as the design process advanced.

Helsinki 2016-2018
Principle and Architecture Design, Interior Architecture

Principle and Architecture Design:
Insurance Company Ilmarinen

Interior Architecture:
Finnkino Oy

Gross Area
1500 m²

Mika Huisman

Project timeline

The view from Kluuvikatu

Maxim 2, restored cinema hall

Maxim 1, 1970s movie hall

Upstairs foyer

Nature in my Backyard, competition entry

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