Laguuni Water Sports Centre

The Laguuni Water Sports Centre was a very interesting design project, as a rapidly growing sport was looking for a new location. The challenge was to design a scalable and stylish concept that can also be adjusted for future purposes. The concept was designed in cooperation with the client, and containers seemed like a natural solution to support activities on water. The project reflects a positive trend, where the coasts of the Helsinki metropolitan area are taken into active urban use.

The floating dock includes a café, storage and rental areas and dressing rooms. Solar panels are fitted on the roofs of the containers for environmentally friendly energy generation purposes.

Only some of the plans have been implemented so far, and we are eager to carry out further plans!

Espoo, 2017
Principle and Architecture Design

Water Sports Centre Laguuni

Gross Area

Photos GUT / Suvi Kesäläinen

Project timeline
Finavia, competition entry

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