Head Office

The new spaces of the head office were designed in the three-story office building constructed in 1986 and renovated in 2009. Parviainen Arkkitehdit Oy Ltd was the lead architect in all development phases of the building. The reinforced concrete pillar-beam frame and the large area of windows enable versatile customisations and make the space well-lit and breathing. Close attention was paid to preserving the nature of the building during the project, and its façades and principal function remained largely the same as before. The extended executive area of the upper floor and its saunas and terraces were integrated into the building’s architectural style. The result is fresh and timeless.

Our client wanted the new head office to reflect the values of the company, represent Finland to foreign visitors and support the shift in workplace culture. Instead of a traditional office cubicle layout, we designed an open and inspirational work environment that supports cooperation while also being suitable for silent work and confidential negotiations. Particular attention was paid to customisability, energy efficiency, healthy materials and the environment. We wanted to create a complex where the architectural, interior and exterior design all told the same story.

This office full of birch has a verdant heart. The free-form wooden lath roof creates a special atmosphere in the meeting area surrounding the main staircase and its cafés. Colours of the area help navigate around the space and different floors: the intensive green in the centre gradually changes to blue and yellow the further away from the centre you move.

The Finnish nature can be seen in the themes of the meeting rooms and in various colours, shapes and materials. The tones mimic the harmony of nature, and the materials are subtle variations of natural textures. The selected theme is constant from the exterior to the interior.

This project also focused on what is not to be seen: the client and the designer had a common interest in hiding the installations and cables behind the workstations. This created some additional challenges in the renovation project, but it resulted in a success, creating a user-friendly and customisable space.

Espoo, 2017
Principle and Architecture Design, Interior Architecture, Landscape Design

Gross Area
12 000m²

Mika Huisman / Decopic

Project timeline
Taivallahti Barracks Loft

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