Finavia Non-Schengen Terminal

Along with the expansion of the international flights terminal, Helsinki Airport was equipped with eight new passenger boarding bridges reserved for wide-body aircraft and their lobbies. The primary aim of the expansion is to prepare for the increase in the volume of passengers with connecting flights from Asia and Europe. In addition to the lobbies, passengers can enjoy the services of a 400-seat restaurant, a spa and a variety of stores. The two lower floors of the three-storey building are reserved for baggage handling, boarding buses and technical facilities. The baggage handling system’s capacity is 13.5 million pieces of baggage a year.

Vantaa, 2009
Principle and Architecture Design, BIM


Gross Area
43 000 m²

Project timeline

The delta wing theme makes the expansion of the international terminal a landmark that is recognizable from far away in the air.

Tilkka military hospital, renovation

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