Bilia Olari


Volvo is renewing its store concept by bringing the maintenance and sales services closer together. Due to the new concept, also Volvo retailer Bilia renewed its store in Olari, Espoo. The store was expanded and the maintenance facilities upgraded. Thanks to the renovation, buying a used car feels as luxurious as purchasing a new one.

The glowing building is easily recognizable, a distinct landmark for the Volvo brand. The white glass facade and the bright windows catch the attention of customers driving by. The wooden entrance resembles a warmly beaming lighthouse that calls to enter the showroom.

Espoo, 2020
Principle and Architecture Design

Sagax Finland Asset Management Oy

Gross area
7234 brmĀ²

Mika Huisman / Decopic

Project timeline

Spacious and luxuriously comfortable


The showroom is a lofty space that resembles a street. Next to the street there is lounge area where customers can comfortably wait for their cars, adn even follow the maintenance process though a window. In addition the lounge, Volvo also provides their customers with more private office rooms: one can work while their car is being handled.

The renewed store was also added a pick-up area where the cars are handed to their new owners is. Receiving the car in a stylish environment leaves the customers with a luxurious feeling.

A solar panel systems was built on the roof of the annex. Also the surrounding parking area was renewed and coated with asphalt.


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