ABB Strömberg Park


Strömberg Park is a unique historical industrial environment located in Vaasa, Finland. The area was built in the 1940’s according to the town plan designed by Alvar Aalto. Today, Strömberg Park is for the most part owned by the technology company ABB.

The largest building in the area is an industry hall designed by Eskil Haldin. The hall was formed when two separate premises were gradually expanded over the years. ABB’s need to move its units under the same roof lead to an impressive makeover of the old hall. The factory hall was transformed into a multi-space office for 700 people, where history is mixed with modern high-end know-how.

The main design principle was a creative dialogue between the old and the new. The size of the factory hall was utilized by building a new partial floor. The upper level of the new floor was transformed into an indoor street that spans through the entire building. The 250-meter long street brings the massive building together both visually and functionally. The new floor made it also possible to build a drive-through parking hall under and parallel to the indoor street.

The large windows dominate the old facade. Thanks to the new interior design concept, the windows are now also a key element of the office interior. The window rows have their visual pair on the other side of the building, where the indoor street ends to a massive new window with a balcony.

There are no hallways in the building. Instead, one passes through series of active spaces. Dividing areas by glass surfaces embodies open communication and ABB’s interactive working culture.

Vaasa, 2019
Principle and Architecture Design, Interior Architecture


Gross area
59 000 m²

Mika Huisman

Project timeline

A space within a space. Dividing the large room with glass walls makes the atmosphere intimate without sacrificing its open feel.

Transforming the factory into ABB's multi-space office is an impressive example of the creative re-use of old buildings.

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