Tikkurila Day Care Centre

There are more than 250 full-day day care places in the new Tikkurila day care centre, making it one of the largest day care centres in Finland.

The building consists of two dice of identical size that are connected with a joint section made of glass, which also includes the main entrance. As the site is crammed with buildings, the plans of the centre were optimised to give children as much recreational space as possible.

A series of fences, brick walls and small buildings surrounds the site, which, together with the dice-like main volumes, helps create a pleasantly human scale in contrast with the adjacent seven-floor residential buildings. Some of the buildings in the yard are equipped with a green roof.

The building is also used by residents of the area, which is why the appearance of the first floor is open and welcoming. The large windows of the hall, which is open to the public, face Vehkapolku, from where people can see what is going on in the building. As the site is located in the centre of a residential block that consists primarily of bricks, the aim was to make the building stand out to indicate its public nature.

Splashes of bright colours enhance the appearance of the building’s light main volume. As the building’s main audience is children, the aim was to equip the building with a happy and energetic appearance with the means of high-quality architecture. The lively colours of the façade are also visible on the surfaces and buildings of the yard, making it easy to perceive the spectrum of the yard from the upper floors of the adjacent residential buildings.

The exterior and interior areas are connected with the crocodile stairs, a stimulating piece of architecture that symbolises the project. As the stairs are equipped with a heating system, they can also be used as spectator stands for a variety of events as well as a slide or a part of the playground.

Vantaa 2017-2019
Principle and Architecture Design, Interior Architecture and Landscape Design

City of Vantaa, Real Estate Centre

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