Omena Hotels


In a multi-stage project with Omena Hotels we had the pleasure to design a series of new room types for the hotel chain. The overall look and feel of the spatial concept was also refreshed while simultaneously cherishing the brand’s recognizable identity.

The project’s most fascinating challenge was designing the small single rooms. The long narrow spaces were transformed into comfortable and functional hotel rooms by creating a nest-like multifunctional furniture that functions as a bed, a table and a storage unit. The room was made to feel and seem more spacious by using cleverly placed mirrors, indirect lighting and space-enhancing materials. The same elements were also used in the new concept of the 4-person rooms and in the upgrade of old rooms.

Helsinki, 2020
Architecture Design, Interior Architecture

Omena Hotellit Oy

Gross area
900 m²

Lauri Puustjärvi

Project timeline

Welcome to Omena Hotels. Despite their small size, the new single rooms feel fresh and spacious.

ABB Strömberg Park

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