Itis Shopping Centre

The appearance of the largest shopping centre in the Nordic countries was enhanced and approximately 11,000 square metres of new business premises were established in this renovation project. The functionality of the boulevard-like hallway on the second floor was improved by making the bridges wider and constructing meeting spaces. New kiosk-like stores were constructed along the hallways and areas for seasonal pop up stores that are also available to businesses who do not regularly use the centre’s premises were established around the shopping centre. The renovation also included re-locating Stockmann in a new area at the Piazza at the eastern end of the shopping centre. Basic renovations and a new interior design were carried out and created for the business premises of Wereldhave Finland.

Helsinki, 2014
Principle and Architecture Design, Interior Architecture and Tenatn Design

Wereldhave Finland Ltd.

Gross Area
190 000 m²

Project timeline
Matkus Shopping Centre

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